Installing a ball joint with a pinch bolt calls for some extra attention.

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class=" fc-falcon">How to Remove a Ball Joint Pinch Bolt.

A ball joint consists of three pieces: a ball with a threaded stud, a socket, and a rubber boot.

. tried impact and all that and its stuck stripped on there good. it spins freely but it won't tighten or loosen.

The ball joint attaches the outer end of the lower control arm to the wheel knuckle.

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Installing a ball joint equipped with a pinch bolt calls for some extra attention.

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In a perfect world, you. Delphi® Front Bolt-On Ball Joint.

5 thread pitch.
The forward attachment is a non-serviceable rubber bush which is pressed into the control arm.

Limited-Lifetime Warranty.

The ball and socket allows your suspension to move at different angles for steering.

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Ball Joint Pinch Bolt. . I show you how to use the ball joint removal tool and how to. Part # 14883. . .

Control arms allow wheels to move up and down while preventing forward and rearward movement.

Chevy Sonic 2013, Front Bolt-On Ball Joint by Delphi®. <b>Ball Joint Stud Type: Pinch Bolt.

well i got it tightened a little but it kept on spinning.

When installing the steering knuckle, take care to make sure it is centered with the recessed area of the ball joint.


hole most of the way through all of the rivets.

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