Perchlorate & aluminum flash powder, as adding sulfur will just make it more sensitive and less stable, and possibly lead to a trip to the hospital or the graveyard.

In this instructable I will show you a "safer" method to making A potassium nitrate base flash powder.

. This method is far more safer than the perchlorate base method which is very sensitive and dangerous.



May react exothermically with compounds that have active hydrogen atoms (such as acids and water) to form flammable hydrogen gas and caustic products. That’s going to be your safest flash, if you want to assume any flash is safe. A spark of as little as 0.

If flash powder stops "exploding" when solidly pressed it is burning rather than detonating.

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Second 30 grams is enough for 10 of the original m-80s. CAUTION: Calcium metal and calcium hydride react with water exothermically to evolve hydrogen gas.


Flahs is sensitive but not like nitroglycerin, when i was a propyro we made up to 200 kilo a week for insert and salute, you must be quiet concentrate only diaper mixing no sifting all ingredients together dress cotton clothes and insulated shoes, avoid the hottest day hours, lightning, too less moisture and closed place, working outside in the first.

Individuals inexperienced with flash are encouraged to avoid such compositions. Comment by Allakhazam None of the "Sold By" in outland appear to work.

. Simply substitute half the aluminum with terephthalic acid.

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May react with azo/diazo compounds to form explosive products.
This formula was developed by the military as a “safe” flash.



. . Armstrong's mixture is a highly shock and friction sensitive [1] primary explosive.

. Sulphur will make the mix more sensitive, but it will also make any boom more rich in low frequency harmonics ( good ). Flash Powder Compositions How Safe and Sensitive is Ammonium Perchlorate with Dark pyro Aluminium itself or with CUO as catalysator. If you want to know which flash powder is most powerfull, I have tested and tried 50/50 Potassium permanganate and Magnalium. . .


Posted August 5, 2010 (edited) Ok, so i got the chemicals and mixed them in the right ratios in with the proper 'diapering' technique. .


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CFE223 in 308 cold temp 2641 average extreme spread 43.

One will take your fingers off.

First of all, most flash powders are friction sensitive.