all aboard the choo choo train, all aboard the choo choo train, all aboard, all aboard.

If you feel like dancing, well come on, it's up to you We got the sound to keep you getting down, down The train is coming through Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah I think I can, I think I can I think I can.

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Jay Althouse.

See media help. . The player controls a monster-hunting archivist with the goal of upgrading their train's defenses in order to fight and defeat the titular character, Charles, an evil spider-train hybrid monster that wanders the landscape looking for.

It's them Quad City DJs and you, we call it the train.

. All aboard the choo choo train. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Item # 1163. Comin down the track, clickety clack.



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. Although written by Goodman, it was popularized by Arlo Guthrie.

Choo Choo.
Genevieve Goings is known for Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes (2018), Choo Choo Soul (2006) and Imaginext Adventures (2013).


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They get the kids bopping before breakfast. Tweet. Choo choo train, chug-chuggin' at the station, Choo choo train, conductor pull the cord.

. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Whatever the case may be, many are relieved that the mystery is solved once and for all. . .


. (Hey!) Have some fun! Have some fun! Let’s all shout and sing together! Chugga chugga, choo-choo.

CHOO CHOO! all aboard the ABC train! This train ride is filled with fun! So get ready for this beautiful ride and sing along.

Jack and Jill, Baby John and Mom & Dad decide to take a trip together, but they decide to ride first class on the train! in this educational 3D Sing-Along by Little Angel.