University Meal Plan: $2,760.


* *Please note that this page only lists tuition, but does not including. Personal and Transportation Allowance.

00: per sem: Athletic Fee (Jr.

$475 per semester hour (3 semester hour course is $1,425) Books and supplies.

The university fee per semester (fall/spring. What's more, at Trinity University, the total tuition and fees for the enrolled students come out to be around $44,680 in a year. Tuition per course credit: $3130 Registration fee: $50 per semester enrolling in a course.


<b>Trinity University overlooks downtown San Antonio. T. $6,665.

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. 2023–2024 Academic Year Fall Term Spring Term Total; Tuition: $32,215: $32,215: $64,430: General Fee: $1,280: $1,280: $2,560: Student Activity Fee: $215: $215:.

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Fall Semester Charges: Tuition & Fees (Full-Time, 12-18 hours) : $25,676.

A student will be considered full-time for Tuition & Required Fees purposes when registered for 12 or more undergraduate hours and will be charged at the maximum per-semester rate (applicable to fall and spring only).


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Comprehensive Fee. . First Year Experiences fee: $225/year. Total Cost of Attendance $68,224:. . Undergraduate Fees: Activity Fee: $100/year:.

First Year Experiences fee: $225/year.

. Degree Completion and Project Management Professional Program students do not pay this fee.

Trinity University of Asia (TUA), located in the Philippines, is currently accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester.

Audit Fee.